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With The Talents You Were Given

Ann Rowe

Opera/Classical Music with Local Talent and Gospel Music with Ann Rowe

“With The Talents You Were Given” was conceived from the idea that one should use ALL of their natural talents. This show taps into my own cultivated talents: Opera/Classical Music and Gospel! 

Opera/Classical Music are arguably two of the most interesting forms of music performance. So, on this show I will give LOCAL opera and classical artists the opportunity to share their talents using our radio waves! Several times in our radio season I will give local artists the opportunity to “Shout-Out” to our radio listeners.

Here is your opportunity, opera and classical musicians, to show-off your talent!  Submit 2 of your performances (mp3) and a short bio that you would like our Radiofabrik listeners to hear.  If chosen, your bio and music will be presented on “With The Talents You Were Given”.

Submission should include the following: your name (or group name), a SHORT bio of the individual or group with contact information, the names of the submitted pieces, composer and 1 or 2 lines about the music. All submissions should be done by email to:

Gospel Music has come to Radiofabrik! You will hear a variety of styles within the genre and experience some old-time classics and some new-time hits! You can hum along or tap your feet but please don’t just sit there! You don’t have to be religious to enjoy gospel music just believe in something! Let the music give you some pep in your step when you tune into “With The Talents You Were Given”.

Sendezeit: Jeden 1. Samstag im Monat um 19:06 Uhr
Kontakt: Talentfabrikoc(at)yahoo(dot)ca

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