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Radiofabrik - Community Media Association Salzburg

(Short Name: Radiofabrik Salzburg)
ZVR-Number 546011318
Association Purpose: Association for Promoting Local Community Radio and Community Television Projects

Ulrike-Gschwandtner-Straße 5
(= Josef-Preis-Allee 16) 
A - 5020 Salzburg, E.U.
Phone Office:  +43 (0)662 84 29 61
Phone Studio:  +43 (0)662 84 29 61-55
Fax:  +43 (0)662 84 29 61-18
Mail: office(at)radiofabrik(dot)at

Association Board: Oliver Baumann (Chairman), Susanne Imhof (Secretary), Wolfgang Stöger (Treasurer), Eva Maria Kubin, Wolfgang Hirner
Managing Director: Alf Altendorf

Supervising Authority following ECG (Austrian E-Commerce Law): RTR - KommAustria
Legal Regulation: Austrian Private Radio Law

Radiofabrik is 24% Shareholder of FS1 - Community Television Salzburg Ltd.

Bank Account:
Account-Nr. 00113472, BLZ 35034, Raiffeisenbank, Sbg.-Liefering
IBAN: AT523503400000113472/ BIC: RVSAAT2S034 / UID: ATU52434307

Mission Statement

Radiofabrik - Salzburg's only Community Radio station: Good to listen!

We are the non commercial Community Radio of Salzburg: Everyone is welcome to take part in our activities. This results in a wide social, cultural, and generational diversity. And of - course - a music catalogue off the mainstream.

Who are we?

We understand ourselves as community.

  • The members produce radio shows on their own initiative and responsibility. They have free access to the studio and the equipment.
  • The staff takes care of infrastructure, finance and trainin.
  • Both staff members and radio makers are part of the non-profit association "Freier Rundfunk Salzburg.

What are we doing?

We produce original content:

  • As an open and lively community radio we give people the chance to create their own shows. News is covered by our editorial staff, which focuses on local culture, civil society and music.

We spread knowledge:

  • As an educational institution we impart media skills and media literacy in the field of radio-journalism and radio-making.

We run projects:

  • We have experience with local, national and international media projects. In this context we pursue three main goals: attract marginalised social groups to the community; bring innovation; foster the development of media policies.

Our values

  • Open access
    Open access: Everybody is welcome in the Radiofabrik community. Especially groups and people who are underrepresented in other media.
  • Freedom of expression
    Freedom of expression: Our members work on their own responsibility. Besides media laws only five restrictions limit the freedom of expression on air: Sexism, racism, glorification of violence, antidemocratic contents, religious propaganda and commercial advertising are not allowed.
  • Independence
    We are independent from national, commercial and religious institutions and political parties.
  • Diversity
    We represent the social and linguistic diversity of Salzburg on and off air.
  • Quality
    Quality: We improve ourselves through a well-built feedback culture, continuous training, and education.
  • Good working conditions:
    We offer clear expectations and fair payment for employees.

How do we finance Radiofabrik?

  • Self-generated income
    e.g. project development, media training and education.
  • Public support
    Austrian community media is supported by a small percentage of the national television and radio licence fees. Radiofabrik also receives financial support from the city and the region of Salzburg.
  • Donations, sponsoring, membership fees, voluntary work...

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Broadcast Information

(Infographic Broadcast Areas, Design Jess Türk & Laura Leitner)

Salzburg´s most suspensefull radio station on your most loved entertainment devices

  • 107,5 MHz (UKW)
    City of Salzburg, Flachgau, Tennengau & areas in Bavaria and Upper Austria near the Salzburgian state border
  • 97,3 MHz (UKW)
    City of Salzburg (South)
  • 98,6 MHz (UKW cable channel 26)
    in analogue cable (Salzburg State, Mondsee, Ausserland, Schladming)
  • Kanal 42 (Digital, DVB-C, K42, 642 MHz, 6.900 Ks/s, 256 QAM)
    in digital cable (Salzburg State, Mondsee, Ausserland, Schladming)
Our Cable Partner: The Salzburg AG


A "Broad Cast"

General Office Hours: Mo - Fr, 10 - 17h
General Phone: +43(0)662 - 84 29 61 - 0
Staff Extensions below!
Fax: +43 (0)662 84 29 61-18
Office Mail:  office(at)radiofabrik(dot)at


Alf Altendorf - Managing Directior Financial
Phone: +43(0)662 - 84 29 61 - 29
Mobile: +43(0)699 - 1430 1075
Mail: a.altendorf(at)radiofabrik(dot)at
Office Hours: Mo - We 10 - 19h

Regina Würz - Office Management
Phone: +43(0)662 - 84 29 61 - 0
Mail: r.wuerz(at)radiofabrik(dot)at
Office Hours: Tue - Fr 10 - 17h

Laura Leitner - Media Production
Phone: +43(0)662 - 84 29 61 - 15
mail: l.leitner(at)radiofabrik(dot)at


Eva Schmidhuber - Managing Director Programme
Phone: +43(0)662 - 84 29 61 - 24
Mail: e.schmidhuber(at)radiofabrik(dot)at
Office hours: Monday - Thursday 9 am - 4:30 pm

Mirjam Winter - Programme Manager
Phone: +43(0)662 - 84 29 61 - 23
Mail: m.winter(at)radiofabrik(dot)at
Office Hours:
Tue - Fr 10 - 17h


Carla Stenitzer - Workshop Management
Phone: +43(0)662 - 84 29 61 - 23
Mail: c.stenitzer(at)radiofabrik(dot)at
Office Hours:
Tue - Fr 10 - 17h

Editorial Team

Romana Stücklschweiger - Music Editor
Phone: +43(0)662 - 84 29 61 - 0
Mail: r.stuecklschweiger(at)radiofabrik(dot)at

Nikolaj Fuchs - Music Editor
Phone: +43(0)662 - 84 29 61 - 0
Mail: n.fuchs(at)radiofabrik(dot)at

Technical Team

Christoph Huber - IT
Phone: +43(0)699 - 1431 1075

Krystian Koenig - Sound Engineering, General R & D
Phone: +43(0)662 - 84 29 61 - 0

Patrick Bohn - IT
Phone: +43(0)662 - 84 29 61 - 0

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Ways to Us

Approach routes to Radiofabrik´s Head Office & Studio:

CityBUS (-> full Bus Network, Salzburg Central Region)
Line 3,5,8,25 - Stop "Justizgebäude" or Line 3,8 - Stop"Akademiestrasse", both then 100m Walk

from Central Train Station by Cab app. 10 Minutes, or from Central Train Station by Bus Line 5 (-> "CityBus")

Approach Road Josef-Preis-Allee or Ulrike-Gschwandtner-Strasse.
Attention: Access to Parking Area at Ulrike-Gschwandtner-Strasse only! Parking Tickets for ShowGuests & Program Maker are available at our Office.

from Salzburg International Airport by cab app. 15 Minutes, or from Munich International Airport (next busy main hub) by train-connection in app. 3 Hours / or Busshuttel

Recommended Accomodations

JUFA Salzburg (neighbouring building!)
Our regular partner for visitors who need accomodations

Other hotels in different categories:
Hotel Castellani (300m away), Alpenstrasse 6,
Hotel Via Roma (1km), Nonntaler Hauptstrasse 47,
and a Map with other recommendations by our partner ARGEkultur

(Zum Vergrössern Anklicken!)

Radiofabrik-Studios in ARGEkultur-Building

-> Entrance
-> 20m straight through the Building
-> Stairs or Elevator
-> 2. Floor "Radiofabrik"

RADIOFABRIK.AT (RADIOFABRIK.EU) and subdomains are websites and blogs dedicated to all things "Radiofabrik" and with a special something for our Salzburgian listeners, readers, partners and customers.
From shows and broadcasts to projects and stuff related to our organisation and it´s backgrounds, we strive to be your one-stop solution for any and everything related to Radiofabrik and its programmes. Throw in a radio, some hundred makers, some great team authors, regular blog posts and reviews, and podcasts, and various web2.0 activities and you’ve got yourself a full fledged portal-website. Yeah, even we were surprised ;-).

Radiofabrik maintains this website to enhance public access to information about its programmes, projects and initiatives in general. Our goal is to keep this information timely and accurate. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. Please contact our IT-team.
However Radiofabrik accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever with regard to the information on this site.

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