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Cairo Noon

Arabic Music selected by Hatem

First of all I want to tell you little bit about myself: I am Hatem from Egypt and I am here in Salzburg as European volunteer. I am working with Radiofabrik since May 2015.
And now you know that I am from Egypt that’s why I want to make this playlist for you to transfer you to another world and another culture. A culture that maybe a lot of people here in Austria don't know a lot about ... it is the Arabic music culture (Egypt, Syria and Lebanon ...).
Arabic music of different types and styles, you can find classic, rap and pop and also single and bands.
I will present to you all this in my playlist every Monday at 12:08 to enjoy the new type of music. I hope you like it to encourage me to present more and more.



Sendezeit: Every Monday at 12:08

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