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Swing de la Nuit

Swing de la Nuit connects musicians djs, producers, live performers, dancers and promoters all through the swing genre.

The group was set up as a platform to give room for the musical legacy and the attitude of the 20’s and 30’s. No boundaries were set, so from classical or electro-swing to fierce experimental interpretations, everything is allowed. Cirque de la nuit pushes the exchange of ideas but also promotes motivated people, either through bringing supplementary artists together, introducing them to promoters or broadcasting them on their own radio show.

The name equal event series Cirque de la nuit gives ambitious newcomers a chance to perform live and interact with established artists.

So if you feel like telling or showing the world your interpretation of “whatsoever” YOU’re invited to participate.


for DJs: If you feel connected to swing, you can send us your mixes. Producers and promoters are able to get a closer look on your music and style. We as Cirque de la nuit of course are constantly looking for fresh people for our eventsand will also approach to you.

for live musicians: Imagine a good swing party without live music? All you musicians, singers, beatboxers and othersoundmachinists, be ready to present yourself. If you’re just looking for samples or a complete band. You’ll be found here!

for producers: producers and soundengineers have the opportunity to find potential cooperation partners and  live musicians. Get a first touch of musical achievements and find the matching artists for your collaborations.

for dancers: the musicpool with its classical and various other swing mixes is perfect for all those who are constantly looking for the perfect music to dance Charleston, black bottom, shag, step or balboa.

for everybody: In the name of all represented artists, we appreciate every single one of you that’s interested in the work of artists, musicians and DJs or is just enjoying their results. If you know somebody that is talented but hasn’t got the possibility to self-represent… just contact us!


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