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Geographical Imaginations

Brief Expeditions into the Geographies of Everything and Nothing

Geographical Imaginations is a public geography project hosted by cultural geographer Kevin S. Fox. This radio essay program presents a geographical ‒ or spatial ‒ way of thinking about the relationship between ourselves and the worlds we inhabit and co-create. Each episode takes a theme or, perhaps, a question and explores it through an interactive dialogue with different texts and voices.

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Expeditions into the Geographies of Everything and Nothing

  In EPISODE THIRTY FOUR we pick up from where we left off in C.C. Long’s classic text, “Home Geography for Primary Grades.” Starting with Lesson 18, “How Rivers Are Made,” and finishing with Lesson 32, “Useful Plants,” Long continues to impress upon us the need “to study that small part of the earth’s surface […]

    Welcome to our inaugural summer reading series. Listen to EPISODE THIRTY THREE as we explore C.C. Long’s 1894 classic primary school text. In “Home Geography,” Dr. Long tells us, “A knowledge of the home must be obtained by direct observation; of the rest of the world, through the imagination assisted by information. Ideas […]

  What comes to mind when someone says, “CUBA?” Classic automobiles, Buena Vista, Che? Maybe you envision a socialist utopia with free, universal healthcare and education? Or a maybe a communist dystopia with all of its problems? In EPISODE THIRTY TWO we invite geographer Johnny Finn to discuss US American geographical imaginations of this large Caribbean […]

In EPISODE THIRTY ONE we use statistics to bring the world closer to home and to inform how we think about our place within the milieu. Forget about trying to understand 7.5 billion people. What if the world was a village of 100–each member of that community representing 1% of the world population? Joining us […]

Took the train Saturday to Solothurn, Switzerland for their Pecha Kucha Night #3. I got carried away and presented 3 different projects: Geographical Imaginations, The CAMINANTE Project and The Great American Pilgrimage (Appalachian Trail). Great hosts and quite the Kulturnacht in this great Swiss town outside of Zurich. Thanks again to all! __

EPISODE THIRTY airs Saturday, April 22 at 7:06 PM Salzburg time. We call this one, “Dances with Bees.” Listen to and/or stream from Radio Fabrik ( We will explore the role of local Nobel Prize winner Karl von Frisch in decoding how honeybees remember and communicate spatial information. Joining us are Professors Jürgen Tautz and […]


  Stay tuned for EPISODE TWENTY NINE. We call it “A Great American Pilgrimage.” This episode will broadcast first from Radio Fabrik ( on March 25th at 7:06 PM Salzburg time (1:06 PM New York). We will look at what it means to thru-hike the 3500 km Appalachian Trail and discuss this “other side of […]

__ From left to right, Marie Damisch, Daniel Url, Kevin S. Fox, in Studio B at Radio Fabrik recording for EPISODE TWENTY EIGHT.

Stay tuned for EPISODE TWENTY EIGHT. We call it Auf Deutsch Bitte. This episode will broadcast first from Radio Fabrik ( on February 25th at 7:06 PM Salzburg time (1:06 PM New York). Joining us are Salzburg locals and Sprachgefühle Marie Damisch and Daniel Url. We explore the word-concepts Weltanschauung, Heimat, Weltansichten and Welträtsel amongst […]

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