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The most important medical news, in plain English.

Which medical news are TRULY the most important of the year?

The Massachusetts Medical Society (amongst others, Harvard University) selects each January the top medical news stories of the year. 

Radiofabrik presents this news. 

The presenter, Dara Koper, is himself a doctor. 

(Please note: this is a general radio show, without any legal guarantees. Questions pertaining to individual patients cannot be commented.)

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News from the World of Medicine
Das Medienarchiv

Do patients who need oxygen need less oxygen? If someone needs extra oxygen, from a tank, our automatic reaction is: “More is more.” But what if the opposite is true? “Less is more?” Could that be true? Yes, it seems that patients who need oxygen need less oxygen. A well-known professor has analysed two new […]

A new definition of sepsis. Sepsis is an infection that has entered the bloodstream. It can be very dangerous. The new definition has led to a considerable debate. How and when should it be integrated into clinical practice? Doctors would like to greatly improve the treatment of sepsis and septic shock. Our newspapers write little […]

Our strongest pain medications are called opioids. It is largely believed that opioids are very effective for chronic pain. However, this is not so. There is a lack of benefit if chronic pain is treated with an opioid. (The only exception: Patients with cancer and chronic pain). Important to remember: In patients with chronic low […]

The top medical topic of 2016 was—of course—Zika virus infection. If you are an adult, infection with the Zika virus leads to the same symptoms as the common cold, and it goes away just as quickly, in about 7 days. Not too bad. However, Zika virus infection can lead to very severe neurological deformations in […]

Monoclonal antibodies are used in medicine mostly (but not exclusively) for the treatment of cancer. Biosimilars are copies of monoclonal antibodies. The approval process for biosimilars in Europe is unusually strict. Much stricter than the approval process for other generic drugs. You do not need to worry about biosimilars. Biosimilars achieve the same clinical result […]

How are new medicinal drugs approved? Or, in other words: What has medicine to do with the rise of right wing populism?

Food allergies, including peanut allergies, usually start in childhood. Using the available data, it can be concluded that peanut allergies have been increasing worldwide in the last 20 years, especially in developed countries, but also in some developing countries. There is no cure for peanut allergy. Once a child has it, that child has it. […]

Untreated, AIDS almost always leads to death. The treatment of HIV/AIDS is ART (antiretroviral therapy). To start ART early is fantastically successful. Admitted, even early start of ART does not cure anyone, but infected persons now will live significantly longer and better, and infect far fewer non-infected persons. This was the clear result of the […]

Testosterone for older men: is it worth it? The answer is: no. Although testosterone has a very good reputation, it does not help older men to stay physically and mentally fit. The studies show no benefit but side-effects. Calcium tablets for older women—and for some older men, namely very elderly men: are they worth it? […]

“Deep vein thrombosis” or “DVT” is blood clots in the deep veins of the legs. “Pulmonary embolism” or “PE” is such a blood clot, but dislodged and traveling into the lungs. DVT and PE together are called “venous thromboembolism” or “VTE” in medicine. Venous thromboembolism (VTE) can be dangerous and sometimes even lead to death. […]

1) In intensive care units, one of the goals is to get rid of the full intubation as soon as it this feasible, and to avoid re-intubation. “HFO,” high-flow oxygen for respiratory support with a simple nasal cannula, seems to be effective in selected patients. 2) In patients with suspected coronary artery disease, both the […]

Pneumonia is an infection of the lungs. It usually is caused by bacteria. Pneumonia can be mild and just cause cough, or severe and cause cough with phlegm or mucus, fever about 39°C or even higher, trouble breathing, pain when taking a breath, a fast heartbeat, and shaking chills. Pneumonia can be a serious disease. […]

Heart attacks and strokes kill us! Coronary heart disease, hardening of the blood vessels, heart attacks and strokes are the leading cause of death in developed countries. Their numbers are increasing rapidly in developing countries as well. One important reason we are at risk for these diseases is high cholesterol. If you are at risk: […]

For selected patients with acute stroke, “endovascular treatment” seems to be the best option. In five new clinical studies, functional neurological independence was significantly better with endovascular treatment. This is an important medical topic, but it is not important for everybody. It is not important, for example, for the patients and their families. It is […]

Treatment-resistant high blood pressure: Many patients have high blood pressure, and it will increase their risk of death, heart attack and stroke. Unfortunately, some patients have treatment-resistant high blood pressure. That is, their high blood pressure does not go down to normal or near-normal values despite a better, healthier diet (with less salt) plus taking […]

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