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Die Civilmedia ist seit 2006 die UnConference-Veranstaltungsreihe der Radiofabrik zum Thema Medien und Zivilgesellschaft und die größte Konferenz für Community Medien in Mitteleuropa.
Seit 2014 ist das Salzburger Freie Fernsehen FS1 Mitveranstalter und stellt auch den Veranstaltungsort.


Civilmedia 2015
UnConference for Community Media & Civil Society
7.5. - 9.5.2015

Civilmedia 2014
UnConference for Community Media & Civil Society
29.5. - 31.5.2014

Civilmedia 2011
Community Media for Social Change: Low Threshold -- High Impact 

Civilmedia 2009
Social & Technological Innovation In Open-Access Media

Civilmedia 2008
Cultures - Participation - Dialogue

Civilmedia 2007
Participation 2.0

Civilmedia 2006
Die Zivilgesellschaft und ihre Medien

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Cultural Broadcasting Archive – Das Medienarchiv

College media in Italy: cross media culture? (Thematic stream „Cross Media Publishing“) Abstract: The phenomenon of college radio in Italy had a strong evolution in the last six years and now is in turmoil, thanks to networking and shared projects. In the era of citizen journalism, college radios play a key role in redesigning languages […]

Promoting Dialogue in West Africa (Thematic stream „Cross Media Publishing“) Abstract: Sourcefabric’s Adam Thomas presents a new project from one of Europe’s largest open source media organisations. Sourcefabric recently travelled to Dakar to work with West Africa Democracy Radio (WADR), a trans-territorial radio station set up to facilitate the exchange of development information between and […]

Open Digital Radio (Thematic stream „Cross Media Publishing“) Abstract: Radio transmission using digital technologies, towards which much of the world is turning as the de facto platform for broadcast, usually requires complex and costly equipment out of the reach of individuals. However, through the use of open source software, hardware hacks and cheaper digital technologies, […]

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